The workshop, "Global water challenges – How can ISO standards help?", will raise awareness of water-related standardization, and its potential to disseminate technology, share knowledge and best practices, and diffuse needed solutions on a global basis.

It will also propose and examine standardization initiatives to address the global water challenge. Proposed actions for the development of new ISO standards in the field are also envisaged.

The event will cover the following themes:

  • Technologies and services to meet basic needs for water treatment and sanitation
  • Sustainability of water and communities
  • Managing water-related assets, risks and crises.

Sewage Works Exhibition is a trade show that exhibits newest products, technology and trends in this industry. It gathers stakeholders around today’s local, regional and global issues to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water higher up on political agendas. More than 100 000 participants from 30 countries are expected to attend the event which will take place in Kobe, Japan, 24-27 July 2012.

Kevin McKinley, ISO Deputy Secretary-General, and one of the workshop speakers, comments: “ISO standards are powerful tools for sharing proven global solutions with all regions of the world. They offer harmonized technology, terminology and best practice, so that all organizations can better manage our precious water resources more efficiently and effectively. ISO standards play a primary role in promoting access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, and assist improved governance at all levels – a UN Millennium Development Goal recognizing that access to water is an essential human right.”

Of ISO’s more than 19100 International Standards, over 550 relate specifically to water. They tackle issues like service management of drinking and wastewater systems, water supply during crisis situations, irrigation, quality and conservation (e.g. hydrometry, quality sampling, water footprint) and infrastructure (e.g. pipes, valves, metering).

Experts from ISO committees developing water standards will participate in the workshop sessions, and highlight innovative fields such as reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation, water footprint, and benchmarking of water services.

The workshop is being organized by ISO and facilitated by JISC (ISO member for Japan).

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