Each video addresses a specific area where ISO standards are helping business, government and society around the world, every day:

  • Developing countries
  • Energy management
  • Environment
  • Food safety
  • Healthcare
  • Social responsibility.

The videos (run time 38 to 54 sec), emphasize how ISO standards help to solve problems and achieve goals.

They conclude with a common message: “Confidence has a nickname that’s recognized worldwide. Now you know it too. It’s ISO.”

The videos, produced in English and in French, can be viewed on the ISO Website or on ISO’s YouTube channel and on iTunes. They can also be downloaded via links on the ISO Store as m4v files for viewing on iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad and iPod). In addition, they are available on an ISO DVD entitled, Videos 2. The ISO Videos 2 DVD is available free (except charge for handling and postage) from the ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department (see right-hand column). It can also be obtained from ISO national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details).

The new short videos follow two longer ones (run time 2 min 5 sec each) released by ISO in December 2010 – one for the general public and the other for business and government audiences – that communicate how standards help people in all aspects of daily life and provide tools to assist organizations in improving all aspects of their operations.

For ISO’s national members, the videos can also be supplied as files without voiceover, and with or without the visual tags denoting ISO standards, so that ISO members can adapt the videos by adding a voiceover in their national language and tags referring to national adoptions of the standards. Contact Comm-Graphics@iso.org