ISO has just published a catalogue, Developing talent, describing some 30 technical assistance and training programmes it offers to national standards bodies that are members of the organization.

Both developed and developing country members of ISO need to keep up to speed with of the evolution of international standardization. This is not only valid for the staff of national standards bodies, but also for their experts (internal and external) and stakeholders who contribute to the development of standards, or who use and implement them.

The 160+ ISO members have different needs and expectations due to various factors such as institutional and legal frameworks, the size of the organization and its place in the national economy, the resources at disposal, buy-in from stakeholders, level of involvement in ISO technical work, etc. Developing country members, who represent three-quarters of the ISO membership, constitute a special group with more specific support needs.

ISO has therefore developed technical assistance and training packages tailored to the variety of needs of its members. Developing talent describes these various packages and to whom they are addressed.

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments: “The technical assistance and training provided by ISO is absolutely critical for keeping the ISO system primed and operating to the maximum efficiency. We owe this not only to our members, but also to the international community who expects us to provide quick, credible and consensus-based solutions to an increasingly complex world.”

ISO members from developing countries benefit mostly from technical assistance activities delivered by ISO in the context of the implementation of The ISO Action Plan for developing countries 2011-2015 thanks to financial support provided by donors and other ISO members. In accordance with the objectives laid down in the Action Plan, awareness-raising and capacity-building as well as support to participate in the technical work of ISO are the most important outputs.

ISO members from both developed and developing countries, who have the resources and who participate fully in the technical work of ISO, make the most of the various training courses that are provided in order to operate efficiently and effectively, using the most relevant information technology (IT) tools and eServices. This ensures timely release of much-needed ISO deliverables.

Developing talent – Catalogue of ISO’s technical assistance and training programmes for ISO members, published in English and French, is available free of charge from the ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department (see right-hand column). It can also be obtained from ISO national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details). The brochure can also be downloaded as a PDF file free of charge from the ISO Website. Updates of this catalogue will be posted as and when necessary on ISO Online at