Against the background of a proliferation of greenhouse gas (GHG) programmes launched to tackle climate change, ISO seeks to bring clarity with a new brochure providing an overview of the different schemes and describing the practical role that GHG metrics standards such as ISO 14064 can play.

GHG schemes addressing climate change – How ISO standards help affirms, “Standards will play an increasingly important role in moving societies and economies to a more climate-safe development path. Standards can provide clear guidelines, help structure processes and set quality norms for the rapidly developing field of GHG management. In doing so they help facilitate new green technology markets and more energy-efficient and profitable business practices.”

ISO developed this publication to raise awareness and demonstrate the benefits of pro-active business and other stakeholder engagements in climate mitigation. ISO GHG standards such as ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 have been given wide coverage by international climate organizations, including the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), as potential foundational standards for harmonising other standards and programmes.

The Introduction to the publication notes, “Vast new business opportunities will emerge to create low-carbon economies that are more energy efficient and profitable. It is time to prepare for this transition and take advantage of the new markets and industries that will shape the global economy in the coming decades.“

The brochure provides information to potential users of GHG standards and programmes, covering the following issues:

  • Overview of the climate change context including a map of available GHG standards, as well as those currently in development
  • Information on how GHG standards, such as ISO 14064, can provide the tools for implementing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • The future of GHG standards and how they can promote a faster up-take of new green technologies and low-emission practices
  • Opportunities to enhance current GHG standards and standards development
  • Proposed changes that would address challenges and help maximize the effectiveness of GHG standards in moving the world to a more sustainable future.

The principal authors are Tom Baumann, CEO of ClimateCHECK and Co-founder of the Greenhous Gas Management Institute, and Anja Kollmuss, Staff Scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute. The brochure is not a normative ISO document but it does provide perspectives on the use and application of leading ISO GHG standards.

GHG schemes addressing climate change – How ISO standards help, A5 format, 54 pages, is published in English (ISBN 978-92-67-10543-7) and French edition. It is available free of charge from the ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department. It can also be obtained from ISO national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details). The brochure can also be downloaded as a PDF file free of charge from the ISO Website.

GHG schemes addressing climate change

This brochure provides an overview of the different GHG schemes and describes the practical role that standards such as ISO 14064 can play.