ISO has just published two brochures and two posters to facilitate understanding and use of its new ISO 26000 standard giving guidance on social responsibility, which was launched on 1 November 2010.

The brochures are:

  • ISO 26000 project overview. This provides answers to questions such as: How did the project come about? How does ISO 26000 relating to existing work on social responsibility? Who developed ISO 26000?
  • Discovering ISO 26000. This is a resume of the contents of ISO 26000, providing a basic understanding of the standard and what it can help organizations to achieve.

The other poster consists of a graphic providing a schematic overview of ISO 26000 and is intended to assist organizations in understanding relationships between the various clauses of the standard.

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments: “The days when industry developed a product then ‘threw it over the wall’ to customers are long gone. Many products today are accompanied by services and user-friendly documentation to make it easier to put them to use and obtain benefits. It’s the same with ISO standards. Through our Website, publications and information service we attempt to assist in the understanding and implementation of standards. Many of ISO’s national members do the same and a number also offer training and familiarization courses.

“For ISO 26000, in addition to these new brochures and posters, we have built a new social responsibility section on the ISO Website with access to a multimedia news release on the ISO 26000 launch event, video and radio interviews, video presentations, a short film, FAQs, press releases, articles and archive material. This section will be periodically expanded with new material, especially on ISO 26000 implementation as people begin to put it to use.”

The brochures, ISO 26000 project overview and Discovering ISO 26000, and the posters, Social responsibility: 7 core subjects and Schematic overview of ISO 26000, have been produced in English and French editions. They are available free of charge (fee for postage and handling of bulk orders) from the ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department (see right-hand column). They can also be obtained from ISO national member bodies (see the complete list with contact details). The brochures are also available as HTML documents on the “ISO 26000 – Social responsibility” section of the ISO Website. Both the brochures and the two posters can also be downloaded as PDF files from this section.