The newly published January launch issue of ISO Focus+ magazine provides insights into the "people" aspects of what it takes to develop ISO International Standards, an interview with the CEO of an internationally known brand that makes extensive use of ISO standards, and articles on ISO standards in action, such as combatting the trafficking of radioactive material.

ISO Focus+ will be published 10 times a year in English and French editions. In addition, bonus articles are being posted on ISO's Web site. It replaces two magazines: ISO Focus, which provided an overview of ISO's standards and related activities, and ISO Management Systems, which covered ISO's management standards and their implementation around the world.

From now on, coverage of ISO’s management system standards – such as the well known ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – will be one of the new features included in ISO Focus+. In addition, the magazine will act as a "one-stop shop", providing coverage of the complete range of ISO International Standards: technical, management, good practice and conformity assessment, and for products, services, processes, systems, materials and professionals. It will also emphasize ISO standards “at work” and the benefits they bring to users and stakeholders.

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments, "Showing the benefits of using ISO standards through real-life experience of their use demonstrates that they are not academic, amorphous or theoretical. ISO standards are developed by experts in their subject who actually practice what they write in the standard. The ISO standard is therefore a treasure trove of best practice that can be applied."

ISO Focus+ points out that developing ISO standards takes not only technical expertise, but is also a formidable exercise in management of people, “politics”, time and resources. The first issue therefore includes a Special Report entitled, "Standards development – The inside story", recounted by a selection of some of the remarkable men and women, working in the public or private sector, who lend their management skills to the ISO standardization system. They write on their experience, motivations and challenges they face, as well as of the reward of knowing that the standards they develop make positive contributions to the world we live in.

The magazine carries an interview with Tom Purves, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. He reveals that every part of the Rolls-Royce car is built to ISO standard requirements, with the support of a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001 and referencing ISO/TS 16949 for best practice. The Rolls-Royce CEO also comments, "The ISO Focus magazine provides the automotive industry with a useful tool for highlighting future advantages and delivering enhanced efficiencies."

Other highlights include articles on the following:

  • How a South African auto body repair shop moved from threatened closure to success and a 100 % increase in turnover with the help of ISO 9001
  • How ISO 22188 is helping Austria to fight illicit trafficking of radioactive material
  • The ISO Award for Higher Education in Standardization.

Highlights of the February 2010 issue of ISO Focus+ include:

  • A Special Report on the contribution of ISO standards to ensuring the important criterion of interoperability between products, systems, processes and so on
  • An exclusive interview in which the Swedish Minister for Trade, Ewa Björling, gives her perspectives on the positive impacts international standards can have on trade, developing countries, climate change and social responsibility.

ISO Focus+, January 2010

Standards development: The inside story