ISO and IEC have just published a free brochure which gives an overview of joint guides that provide a rich source of helpful advice not only for standards writers and consumer representatives active in standardization, but also for designers, product manufacturers, service providers, retail chains, testing laboratories, regulators and associations representing the interests of consumers, the disabled, children and senior citizens, in addition to environmentalists, academics and their students.

How ISO/IEC Guides add value to international standards covers those publications that are of wide general interest. Although primarily developed to help standards writers take into account the needs of stakeholders such as consumers, the guides contain useful information for people not involved in standards work, such as the groups identified above (it does not include information on guides addressing more specialized subjects).

The new brochure, which is bilingual (English and French), lists with concise descriptions the ISO/IEC Guides on the following topics:

  • the vocabulary of standardization
  • drafting standards for conformity assessment
  • purchase information on goods and services intended for consumers
  • instructions for use of products by consumers
  • packaging that meets consumer needs
  • comparative testing of consumer products and related services
  • child safety
  • safety aspects in standards
  • environmental aspects in standards
  • meeting the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities in standards
  • justifying the need for management system standards
  • risk management vocabulary
  • graphical symbols that meet consumer needs
  • taking consumer issues into account in service standards
  • the expression of uncertainty in measurement (upcoming publication)
  • the vocabulary of metrology (upcoming publication.

How ISO/IEC Guides add value to international standards (ISBN 978-92-67-01165-3) is available free of charge (except for postage and packaging) from national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details) and from ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing & Communication department (see right-hand column). An electronic version is available for downloading.

ISO Guides - adding value to International Standards

This brochure gives an overview of joint guides that are of wide general interest.