"In order to better answer the customer's needs in a range of specific areas, ISO Packs give the user as complete a collection of all the information required about the key standards for a specific industry sector in a convenient, easy-to-reference form", says Nicolas Fleury, Director of Marketing and Sales at the ISO Central Secretariat.

  • protective paint systems
  • laboratory performance and test methods
  • design considerations

  • standards on measuring the surface roughness
  • dry-film thickness

Customers can now choose amongst a pre-selected list of standards (ISO Packs) instead of individually purchasing the full collection for their particular industry, and cut costs.

Both ISO Packs are available in English and French, as a download version (zip file) and in CD-ROM format from ISO national member institutes or from the ISO Web store. Moreover, the collection of standards CD-ROM version comes with intuitive navigation, explanatory notes and additional information on other ISO publications and standards.