“It is a prerequisite for effectiveness, performance and optimization of our production activities, but also with our trading partners since harmonization helps us to speak the same business language,” Dollé tells ISO Focus. “Arcelor, as a global company, must be able to rely on internationally recognized and efficient standards.”

Dollé goes on to affirm his appreciation of how ISO standards provide a reference framework, or a common technological language, between suppliers and their customers – which facilitates trade and the transfer of technology. “All these standards contribute to continuous improvement in Arcelor,” he says. “They are also key element for our business since they are internationally recognized and very often required by our clients who have very stringent requirements. This approach is an absolute must have to constantly meet and exceed the certification requirements of our customers.”

Both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 management system standards, respectively for quality and environment, are fully integrated in Arcelor. “All our entities are already under ISO 9001:2000 management,” says Dollé in the interview. “I have been also very pushy to have all Arcelor production facilities ISO 14001 certified. We are close to achieving this target: 96% of our production units have already obtained their certification.”

Competing in the global economy requires harmonized International Standards, Dollé emphasizes: “The absence of standards leads to unbalanced competition and impairs free trade,” he says. “Standardization of metrics, of assessment tools and methods, of management systems and of audit systems is key for the development of the global economy.”

“ISO is a key contributor to help harmonization and will keep on playing a crucial role for allowing people and companies to talk the same language.”

Guy Dollé In the Arcelor Group, Guy Dollé is CEO and Chairman of the Management Board.