With more than 560 000 ISO 9000 certificates issued worldwide at the end of 2002, the pre-eminence of ISO 9000 certification tends to over-shadow the fact that there is a whole family of ISO 9000 standards for quality management - and the complete collection is newly available in updated paper and electronic editions of The ISO 9000 Compendium from ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The just published tenth edition of the ISO Standards Compendium ISO 9000 - Quality management includes the 11 International Standards currently making up the ISO 9000 family, which is developed and maintained by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 176.

The compendium includes ISO 9001:2000, which gives the requirements for a quality management system aimed at helping organizations to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement. ISO 9001:2000 is now the only certification standard in the family, having replaced the 1994 versions of ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003. At the end of 2002, a total of more than 561 700 certificates had been issued to organizations in 159 economies and countries attesting to the conformity of their quality management systems to the 2000 or 1994 versions.

ISO 9001:2000 is one of the standards in the ISO 9000 family's core series on quality management systems. The other standards in this core series, all included in the compendium, are ISO 9000:2000, which gives fundamentals and vocabulary; ISO 9004:2000, which provides guidelines for performance improvements, and ISO 19011:2002, guidelines for auditing quality and/or environmental management systems (for which the requirements are given in ISO 14001:1996).

The ISO 9000 family also comprises the following standards or technical reports that provide supporting tools for addressing specific aspects: project management (ISO 10006:2003), configuration management (ISO 10007:2003), measurement management systems (ISO 10012:2003), quality management system documentation (ISO/TR 10013:2001), the economics of quality (ISO/TR 10014:1998), training (ISO 10015:1999) and statistical techniques (ISO/TR 10017:2003). They are included in the compendium along with the draft ISO/DIS 10018, which gives organizations guidelines on handling complaints.