ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has published a new edition of the ISO 9000 Compendium which includes the revised ISO 9000:2000 series of its quality management system standards.

The ISO Standards Compendium ISO 9000 - Quality Management (ISBN 92-67-10340-7), 424 pages, costs 294 Swiss francs and is available (in English only) from ISO national member institutes (full contact details of these are posted on the ISO Web site: and from ISO Central Secretariat (

The latest edition of the ISO 9000 Compendium is the ninth published by ISO since 1991, indicating the strength of demand for the ISO 9000 standards. At the end of 2000, a worldwide total of 408 631 certificates of conformity to ISO 9000 standards had been issued in 158 countries, according to The ISO Survey of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certificates.

The compendium gathers in one volume the 14 standards and technical reports currently making up the ISO 9000 family. This includes the revised ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004, which were published on 15 December 2000. These standards underwent a major overhaul, based on feedback from ISO 9000 users around the world, to focus them sharply on helping organizations to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement

The ninth edition of the ISO 9000 Compendium also includes the drafts of three additions to the ISO 9000 family: ISO 19011 on joint ISO 9000 quality and ISO 14000 environmental management system audits, ISO 10012 on measurement control systems and ISO 10013 on quality management system documentation.