ISO: a global network of national standards bodies. Our members are the foremost standards organizations in their countries and there is only one member per country. Each member represents ISO in its country. 

Individuals or companies cannot become ISO members, but there are ways that you can take part in standardization work. Please see the list below for information about the ISO member in your country.

There are three member categories. Each enjoys a different level of access and influence over the ISO system. This helps us to be inclusive while also recognizing the different needs and capacity of each national standards body.

Full members (or member bodies) influence ISO standards development and strategy by participating and voting in ISO technical and policy meetings. Full members sell and adopt ISO International Standards nationally. Correspondent members observe the development of ISO standards and strategy by attending ISO technical and policy meetings as observers. Correspondent members that are national entities sell and adopt ISO International Standards nationally. Correspondent members in the territories that are not national entities sell ISO International Standards within their territory.
Subscriber members keep up to date on ISO’s work but cannot participate in it. They do not sell or adopt ISO International Standards nationally.

Find out more about ISO membership and benefits in the ISO Membership Manual. And read more about how ISO supports developing countries in international standardization work.

Are you an ISO Member?

More information for members can be found in the Members’ Portal.


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This map is designed to visually demonstrate the geographic distribution of our Members. The boundaries shown do not imply an official endorsement or acceptance by ISO.
Country/Territory Acronym Membership TC Participation PDC Participation
Sao Tome and Principe SENAPIQ STP Subscriber member 0 0
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines SVGBS Subscriber member 5 0
Antigua and Barbuda ABBS Subscriber member 4 1
Belize BZBS Subscriber member 2 1