Committee Title
ISO/TC 8 Ships and marine technology
ISO/TC 31 Tyres, rims and valves
ISO/TC 34/SC 3 Fruits and vegetables and their derived products
ISO/TC 34/SC 16 Horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis
ISO/TC 34/SC 18 Cocoa
ISO/TC 35 Paints and varnishes
ISO/TC 44 Welding and allied processes
ISO/TC 47 Chemistry
ISO/TC 58 Gas cylinders
ISO/TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering works
ISO/TC 71 Concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete
ISO/TC 74 Cement and lime
ISO/TC 86 Refrigeration and air-conditioning
ISO/TC 92 Fire safety
ISO/TC 120 Leather
ISO/TC 122 Packaging
ISO/TC 146 Air quality
ISO/TC 147 Water quality
ISO/TC 165 Timber structures
ISO/TC 176/SC 1 Concepts and terminology
ISO/TC 176/SC 2 Quality systems
ISO/TC 176/SC 3 Supporting technologies
ISO/TC 190 Soil quality
ISO/TC 207 Environmental management
ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Environmental management systems
ISO/TC 207/SC 2 Environmental auditing and related environmental investigations
ISO/TC 207/SC 3 Environmental labelling
ISO/TC 207/SC 4 Environmental performance evaluation
ISO/TC 228 Tourism and related services
ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies