ISO/IEC 9973 Items Register (see below)

ISO/IEC 9973 specifies the procedures to be followed in preparing, maintaining, and publishing a register of identifiers and meanings, that, under the direction of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24, are assigned to particular items.  Classes of items include: Linetype, Markertype, Hatchstyle, Compression Type, Escape, Error, EDCS, etc.

All proposed and anticipated processing standards share certain classes of items that are allowed to vary across implementations of the standard.  There is a strong incentive for implementations using the same registered item to reference them in the same way.  Each standard developed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24, therefore, provides for registration of certain items.  For example, in the Graphical Kernel System, linetype values 1, 2, 3, and 4 are defined in the International Standard; linetype values 5 and greater are reserved for registration.

Registered Classes containing Registered Items:

Colour Model Section

Compression Type Section

EDCS Section

Error Section

Escape Section

GDP Section

GSE Section

Hatchstyle Section

Linetype Section

Markertype Section

BIIF Profile Section

CGM Profile Section

Additional Registered Classes:

Acknowledgment Type Section

Annotation Style Section

Application Structures Section

Echo Type Section

Edge Type Section

GDP-3 Section

Interpolated Interior Style Section

Line Caps Section

Measure Format Identifier Section

Modeling Clipping Operators Section

Patterns Section

Prompt & Echo Section

Prompt Type Section

SEDRIS - Part 1 Section

SRM Section

Textfont Section

EDCS Profile Section

PIKS Profile Section

SRM Profile Section

BIIF Basic Image Interchange Format GDP Generalized Drawing Primative PIKS Programmer's Imaging Kernel System
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile GSE Generalized Structure Element SRM Spatial Reference Model
EDCS Environmental Data Coding Specification