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By Clare Naden on
Drone market set to take off with new ISO standard
Estimated to grow from USD 4 billion to USD 40 billion in the next five years, the global commercial drone market has skyrocketed in recent years and shows no signs of abating. Yet, where the pace of technology outruns regulations, International Standards are essential to ensure a minimum level of safety …
By Clare Naden on
New International Standard for auditors will improve data collection process
The plethora of accounting packages and/or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the market means auditors need more time and understanding to get all the information they need. A new standard has just been published that will help to make audit data collection more efficient and reliable for …
By Clare Naden on
Practical guide for implementing IT service management frameworks and standards just out
Saving money, pleasing customers and getting the most out of technologies are just some of the benefits of an IT service management system (SMS). A new handbook provides guidance on how to get the best out of an SMS, in particular using ISO/IEC 20000.
By Clare Naden on
Internet of Media Things to take off with new series of International Standards
The Internet of Things has revolutionized our world by making everyday objects connected, intelligent and interactive. The Internet of Media Things allows media such as video and audio to join the party. A new series of ISO and IEC International Standards will enable the harmonized synchronization that …

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In this issue, we debunk the AI myths, explore the opportunities and explain why globally relevant standards are key.