ISO has set an ambitious goal to see international standards used everywhere. To realize this goal, we must work to demonstrate the benefits that international standards bring. ISO’s research activities aim to understand and communicate how standards support economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability.

Despite the widespread use of standards, they often remain hidden, working modestly behind the scenes to underpin the technology and services that we rely on. Sometimes the contribution made by standards can be hard to explain or quantify. ISO promotes and conducts research so we can better understand the impacts of standards and how to maximize their benefits. From the results of this research, we produce materials to help communicate key findings to businesses, learning institutions and the wider public. Our goal is not only to foster a better understanding of the advantages that standards bring to both organizations and society, but also to build interest in taking part in international standardization. To find out more, hear from businesses and browse ISO case studies that clearly show the benefits that standards can bring.

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ISO research grant

The ISO Research Grant is awarded annually to one postgraduate student (Masters, PhD or post-doc) to conduct a research study related to a theme proposed by ISO. The grant amount is 25,000 CHF. A different theme is proposed each year, but the broad focus is on evaluating the impacts of international standards. In establishing this grant, ISO aims to:

  • Promote research that will result in new knowledge about the impacts of International Standards;
  • Motivate students and raise the profile of standardization as an attractive research topic;
  • Foster links with higher education institutions and promote education about standardization.

ISO research Grant 2022

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the 2022 edition of the ISO Research Grant! This year’s focus is on “International Standards and climate action”. ISO recently advanced its climate agenda by signing the London Declaration. To celebrate this achievement, we would like to further investigate how the use of international standards can support adaptation strategies and initiatives for a more resilient future.

You can find all the relevant details in the ISO Research Grant 2022 call for proposalsTo apply for the ISO Research Grant 2022, send your letter of motivation, CV and research proposal by email to before the deadline on 30 June 2022.

ODD 13
Mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques
Prendre d’urgence des mesures pour lutter contre les changements climatiques et leurs répercussions
La Déclaration de Londres
Approuvée en septembre 2021, la Déclaration de Londres, vise à lutter contre les changements climatiques par le biais des normes.
La recherche se penche sur l’intérêt des normes ISO dans le domaine de la santé
Dans cet article, les membres de l'équipe qui a récemment obtenu la Bourse de recherche ISO nous expliquent en quoi leur travail permettra de mettre en lumière comment s’articulent les liens entre les …

Foresight in ISO

Part of the ISO Strategy 2030 involves ISO examining external drivers of change and evaluating their impact on our organization. Using foresight tools and methodologies, ISO is following global trends, analyzing their links to existing ISO work, and asking what their implications for standardization could be. Our ultimate aim is to better understand the context in which we operate, so that ISO can effectively meet emerging market needs and help to shape a more sustainable future.

ISO Foresight trend report 2022

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the 2022 edition of the ISO Foresight Trend Report! Read more about global trends and how these link to ISO’s work. What impact could these trends have on International Standardization? What future opportunities do they hold?

ISO Foresight trend report
Discover future opportunities for International Standardization.
Stratégie de l'ISO 2030
La Stratégie de l’ISO 2030 présente notre vision et notre mission pour les dix prochaines années, ainsi qu'un ensemble d'objectifs et de priorités pour nous aider à y parvenir. Ces trois objectifs sont des jalons pour notre vision. Nous nous concentrerons sur six priorités pour atteindre nos objectifs …

ISO research library

Access the ISO Research Library for research about standards. ISO has compiled research from academia, international organizations and ISO Members and more. The ISO Research Library contains a growing collection of publications about standards, standards development and the impacts of standardization. The Library is designed to support the work of ISO members, researchers and others with an interest in standards. You can browse the collection using the search fields, or, if you’re looking for something specific, try the keyword search.


Research on standards and standardization.

ISO methodology
Découvrez des témoignages d’entreprises et parcourez les études de cas ISO qui mettent en lumière les avantages qu’apportent les normes.

Economic impact of standards - Methodological guidance

Ce document d’orientation est destiné aux organismes de normalisation du monde entier qui souhaitent évaluer l’impact économique des normes sur leur économie locale. Il fournit à ces organismes des informations détaillées sur une méthodologie qui a fait ses preuves pour divers organismes nationaux de …


Standards and innovation - What does the research say?

Cette étude, qui s’appuie sur la recherche universitaire et des études de cas, examine la relation complexe entre les normes et l’innovation. Elle propose une synthèse de l’état de la recherche dans ce domaine et évalue les implications de cette interdépendance sur les plans théorique et pratique. Cette …


Normes et croissance économique : Étude des membres de l’ISO relative à l’impact des normes sur leurs économies nationales

Nombre d’entre nous sont convaincus de l’impact positif des normes sur la société, mais face à une large gamme de normes et de documents normatifs abordant une multitude de sujets, comment mesurer cet effet ? Les membres de l’ISO du monde entier ont étudié cette question de manière approfondie et se …


International Standards and Trade - What does the research say?

Le lien entre les normes et le commerce est un sujet d’un grand intérêt pour la communauté de la normalisation. Ce rapport de synthèse présente une sélection d’études représentatives sur l’incidence des normes sur le commerce dans une multitude de contextes.