• Secretariat: AFNOR
    Committee Manager:
    Mme Audrey Leplat
  • Twinned Secretariat: SAC
    Twinned Committee Manager:
    Ms Xiaoyan XIA
  • Chairperson (until end 2022):
    M Frédéric Hausemer
    Vice chairperson (until end 2022):
    Mr Andy Zhu
  • ISO Technical Programme Manager [TPM]:
    Mme Patricia Cook
    ISO Editorial Programme Manager [EPM]:
    Ms Nicola Perou
  • Creation date: 2016


This document specifies the safety requirements and test methods for pushchairs and prams, intended for the transportation of one or more children up to 3 years.

This document does not cover toys, pushchairs intended for sport use, pushchairs and prams-propelled by a motor and pushchairs and prams designed for children with special needs.

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