Library of Congress, Washington USA

World Standards Cooperation Academic Day 2014
In collaboration and with the support of SCC Canada

Encouraging the next generation of standards experts

Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, Canada, 15 August 2014

Daniele Gerundino Involving the next generation in standardization
Tim Rotti IEC Update
Alessia Magliarditi ITU initiatives for the next generation of standards-minded graduates
Newell Hampson‐Jones BSI Education
Kuni Iwadare Training and Education in standardization
Keith Jansa SCC's Member Program - Modernization Initiative
Erik Puskar ANSI Committee on Education (CoE) and ANSI Education Initiatives
Knut Blind Best Practice on Education about Standardization at Technische Universität Berlin
Claude Y. Laporte Involving Software Engineering Students in Learning and Implementing Software Engineering Standards
Jim Olshefsky Best Practices for Incorporating Standards Education in the University
Susan K. Tatiner IEEE Standards Education
Nunu Wisnuaji Standards, Cool n' Fun
Daniele Gerundino Teaching Standards
Sunghyun Park ISO/KATS Joint Regional Workshop on Standardization Education