ISO international workshop on water

Kobe Convention Center, Japan 25-26 July 2012


At its March 2011 meeting of the ISO Council (Resolution 4/2011) underlined the importance of challenges related to of water and established a Task Force on " Water access and use " with the following objectives:

At its September 2011 meeting, the ISO Council (Resolution 30/2011) approved the recommendation (proposed by the ISO Council Task Force on " Water access and use "), that " given ISO´s important existing inventory of standards, and the great potential for ISO to support new work in this area, ISO should plan an international workshop on the subject of water in 2012".

In response to this recommendation, the ISO member for Japan (JISC) informed the ISO Council that JISC was willing to host this ISO international workshop in Kobe, Japan, in July 2012. The ISO Secretary-General accepted the kind offer from JISC.

This international workshop will be held in conjunction with “Sewage Works Exhibition 2012”. The number of participants will be expected to be more than 100 000, from over 30 countries (see



Workshop programme
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The complete set of presentations made by workshop participants

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Aim of the workshop:

Based on the recommendations approved by the ISO Council during its September 2011 meeting, the workshop will:


Major themes:

Managing water-related assets, risks and crises

Technologies and services to meet basic needs for water treatment and sanitation

Sustainability of water and communities