Presentations and videos

All the videos from the conference are available on CERN's Document Server


Frédérick Bordry: Welcome address   Video

Rob Steele: Standardization and innovation (opening)   Presentation   Video

Session 1

Introduction to session 1 (Piet-Hein Daverveldt)   Video

Sergio Bertolucci: Using standards to go beyond the standard model  Presentation  Video

Ben Segal: WWW: its creation - its success - its lessons Presentation   Video

Didier Pittet: Clean hands save lives  Presentation  Video

Leonardo Chiariglione: Riding the media bits Presentation  Video

Ismail Albaidhani: Technology projects and standards in the aviation sector   Video

Session 2

Introduction to session 2 (Lucio Baccaro)   Video

Lars Montelius: Bringing radical innovations to the market place Presentation  Video

Jens Albers: Growth through partnerships and licensing technologies   Presentation  Video

Alice de Casanove: Standards, an innovation booster? Presentation  Video

Session 3

Introduction to session 3 (Thomas Kalling)   Video

Marco Conti (unable to attend, represented by Roberto Paoluzzi): Standardization to foster innovation Presentation  Video

Andy Hor: Synergy of research, innovation, enterprise & standards  Presentation  Video

Leonor Pires: Standards in European innovation policy  Presentation  Video

Raymond E. Levitt: How standards guide innovation in mature industries Presentation  Video

Video address by Barton J.Gordon   Video

Panel discussion (day 1)

Panel discussion day 1 (chair: Knut Blind)   Video

Martin Golebiewski: From grassroots initiatives to approved standards Presentation

Session 4

Introduction to session 4 (Daniele Gerundino)   Video

Dick van Dijk: Standardization in the green building field. Overall energy performance of buildings Presentation   Video

Navid Gohardani: Standardization and innovation in the green building sector  Presentation  Video

Veishali Kushan: Standardization & innovation: expert's insight from North America  Presentation  Video

Markus Arnez Wegelius & Philip Hedestad: Standardization and innovation within the green building field: insights from Europe  Presentation  Video

Session 5

Enrico Chesta: The role of standardization in CERN's innovation and technology transfer process  Presentation  Video

Floriane Léaux: How to procure non-standard materials for demanding high energy physics applications within a standard framework? Presentation  Video

Ralf Trant: Safety at CERN in the context of worldwide collaborations Presentation  Video

Javier Serrano: Standardization and innovation using Open Hardware  Presentation  Video

Ali-Laurent Eichenberger: The various aspects of innovation in the METAS watt balance  Presentation  Video

Panel discussion (day 2)

Panel discussion day 2 (chair: Stephen K. Kwan)   Video

Closure of the workshop

Closure of the workshop   Video