Teacher's Guide for integrating standardization into learning areas

The teacher's guide focuses on the following:

- Definition of a standard
- Three-dimensional standard
- Principles of standardization
- Benefits of standardization
- Evolution of a standard
- Development of standards in Thailand
- A system standard
- An industrial standard
- Examples of lesson plans that teachers can use as a guideline for teaching:
1) Title
2) Summary
3) Expected learning outcomes
4) Learning purpose
5) Learning content
6) Learning process
7) Learning media
8) Evaluation

Original titleคู่มือครู การบูรณาการการมาตรฐานสู่กลุ่มสาระการเรียนรู้

Additional information:

AuthorsThai Industrial Standards Institute
Publisher:Thai Idustrial Standards Institute (TISI)
Last update:2012