What is Standardization?

Lecture on standardization for beginners (elementary and junior high school level).

Contents of training material for beginners:
- Standards around us
- What are standards?
- Standards of graphical symbols
- Conclusion
(training material for junior and senior level, includes the history of standardization as a reference document).

Original title標準化教室 ビギナー版(小学~中学レベル)「標準」って何?
Original abstract目次 1. 身の回りにある標準 2. どこか標準になっているか考えてみよう 3. 絵文字による標準 4. まとめ



Additional information:

AuthorsMinistry of Economy, Technology and Industry
Publisher:Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry
Last update:2011
Additional comments:Training materials are also available for junior high and high school students.

Standards relating to products/applications that are used as examples concern:
- Graphical symbols such as the emergency symbols
- Product standards: batteries, toilet rolls, staplers and other
- Accessible designs: shampoo bottle, milk carton and other.