International standardization

This lecture deals with international standardization, which includes international organizations for standardization, the activities of these organizations, participation in international standardization and the influence of international standards on trade policies. Chapter 1 introduces the basic principle and the main purpose of standardization. Chapter 2 provides an introduction to several key formal international organizations for standardization while Chapter 3 introduces several informal international organizations for standardization. Then, in Chapter 4, participation in international standardization is addressed. Chapter 5 describes the influence of international standards on trade policies. Concluding remarks are made in Chapter 6.




ASTM, CAB, DEVCO, IEC, IEEE, IESG, IETF, ISO, ITE, ITU, International standardization, International standards, TBT, Trade barriers, WTO

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AuthorsJiang, Hui, Song,Mingshun, Wu, Hongkuan
Publisher:Wilfried Hesser,
First published / Last update: 2006 / 2010
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