Modern quality cost management

This book provides detailed knowledge about quality costs. It establishes a modern quality cost management system, assists in forecasting and deciding, planning and implementation, calculation, analysis and reporting, control and checking and information systems on quality costs. The book includes Total Quality Management, the ISO 9000 series of standards and modern quality cost management. It can be used as teaching material for institutions of higher education, but also for on-the-job training initiatives.

Original title: 现代质量成本管理

Original abstract:

本书详述了质量成本的基本知识、建立现代质量成本管理体系、质量成本预测与决策、质量成本计划和实施、质量成本核算、质量成本分析与报告、质量成本控制与考核、质量成本管理信息系统、全面质量成本管理、ISO 9000族标准与现代质量成本管理等。本书可作为高等院校管理类专业教材,也可作为岗位培训教材。




Quality cost management

Additional information:

AuthorsYang, Wenpei
Publisher:China Metrology Press
First published / Last update: 2006
Courses:University programme level