Setting standards, a Delft University of Technology and United Knowledge simulation exercise on strategy and cooperation in standardization

In collaboration, the Delft University of Technology and United Knowledge have developed a management game for students, standardizers-to-be and policy makers to get a feeling for what it means to standardize and the problems and dilemmas that typically occur during a standards' committee process. Participants 'learn by doing' and gain hands-on experience through role playing. The event takes a full day: roughly half a day for the role-playing and half a day to reflect on what happened during the game and why. Three approaches are combined to help interpret the dynamics of the process. They are rooted in standards theory.




Delft University of Technology, Innovation, Learning by doing, Management sSimulation, Role playing, Serious game, Setting standards, United Knowledge

Additional information:

AuthorsDe Jong, Jorrit (Harvard Kennedy School), Egyedir, Tineke M. (Delft University of Technology), Widlak, Arjan (United Knowledge)
Publisher:Delft University of Technology / United Knowledge
First published / Last update: 2009
Courses:It is widely usable. It requires no prior knowledge of standardization.