Introduction to standardization

Applying a systematic approach, this fifth edition of "Introduction to standardization" presents standards and standardization, the reasons for the emergence of standardization and its development, different types of standards, technical standards, management standards, the process of standardization, different forms of standardization, methods and principles of standardization, standards information management, conformity assessment and international standardization. The book presents a comprehensive system of knowledge about standardization. Combining theory with practice, it presents in detailed form the functions of standardization in quality management, information systems, advanced manufacturing technologies, large scale logistics, IPR, development of science and technology and international trade and the relationship between these different areas with a view to deepen the understanding of the foundations of standardization. To assist in teaching, the fifth edition of "Introduction to standardization" includes, at the end of each chapter, a summary of its core content, questions for further reflection and a list of reference documents. The book also contains figures and some case studies.
Written mainly for advanced students of higher institutions of learning and students of MBA-courses the book can also be used for continuous on-the-job education.

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Business school, China, Outline, Standard, Standardization, Textbook

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AuthorsFang, Qing (National Institute of Metrology), Li. Chuntian (Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Department of China), Wang, Ping (China National Institute of Standardzation)
Publisher:China Renmin University Press CO.,LTD
First published / Last update: 1982 / 2010
Courses:In university programme level Major in business school, sometimes in engineering programme. Titles of the course are: "Quality management and standardization" and "Introduction to Standardization"