Development of a social network website using the new ISO/IEC 29110 standard

This article presents a software development project carried out by a two-person start-up enterprise. The objective of the project was to develop a social networking website for travelers. The new ISO/IEC 29110 standard developed specifically for very small entities and start-ups was used to develop the software for a Web application to allow users to collaborate with all members of a network of friends, planning their trips and sharing the details in a simple and easily accessible way. Managing this project and developing the software for it took about 1000 hours. Using proven software engineering practices set out in the ISO/IEC 29110 standard enabled the two-person team to plan and execute the project expending only 13 percent of the total project effort on rework (that is, wasted effort). About 9 percent of the total project effort was expended on prevention tasks and 6 percent on evaluation tasks, such as desk check peer reviewing and testing. The last section of this article presents lessons learned and a list of recommendations for future users of the ISO/IEC 29110 standard and guides.




Cost of quality, Deployment package, Desk check, ISO/IEC 29110, Peer review, Process, Rework, Standard, Startup, Very small entity (VSE)

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AuthorsHébert, Charles (Ecole de technologie supérieure), Laporte, Claude Y (Ecole de technologie supérieure), Mineau, Christian (Ecole de technologie supérieure)
First published / Last update: 2014