Case Study: ICT standardisation

This module is intended to provide an overview of the current status and future development of ICT standardisation. Completing this module will give you a better understanding of the trends in ICT standardisation and its possible future direction. In Chapter 1, the case description starts with interoperability, followed by safety in telecommunications (wireless and protection). The current status and its future development will also be presented. In the following chapter, the case analysis will cover the IEC, IEEE and ITU, as well as regional organisations such as CENELEC, ETSI, etc. Chapter 3 discusses the standardisation process in ICT by international and national organisations, consortia and companies, including the open source movement. Trends in ICT standardisation are presented in Chapter 4 which also discusses the role of government, organisational development, technological and service standardisation in the Internet era, and the global standard on ICT.
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Certification, Company Standardisation, Company standard, Compatibility, Compatibility Standard, Consensus, Consortium Standard, De facto standard, De jure Standard, Formal standard, Formal standardisation organisation, Governmental standard, ICT standardisation, Interference standard, Interoperability, Lock-in, Measurement standard, Open standard, Openness, Performance standard, Prospective standardisation, Quality standard, Requiring standard, Sectoral standard, WTO enquiry point

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AuthorsSayuga Gautama, Rudy, Sukirno
Publisher:Wilfried Hesser,
First published / Last update: 2006 / 2010
Courses:University program level: Master and Bachelor degree; further education material (self studying material) for experts from industry and policy makers China Jiliang University, Hangzhou, PR of China Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam University of Moratuwa Katubedda, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Inklaar Consultants, Hamburg, Germany