The WTO and international trade practices

This book relates the multilateral trading system and describes, in a systematic manner, the WTO and international trade conventions, rules and agreements in the international trade of goods, services and technology trade as well as cases of conflict resolution. Each chapter is followed by a list of questions, which allows the students to better grasp and understand its content.This book can be used as a text book for teaching international trade at all types of educational institutions for students of economic management, but also for general training of students from science and engineering faculties at institutions of higher learning. It can also be used for on-the-job training of management staff and public service employees or for self-learning.

Original title: WTO与国际贸易惯例实用教程

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International Trade Practices, WTO

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AuthorsDiao, YuFa, Jiang, Hui, Jianyi, Yu, Zhu, Zhankg, Yong
Publisher:China Metrology Press
First published / Last update: 2006
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