Developing measures and standards for the European electronic signatures market

The European Authorities have promoted a specific and innovative framework for the use of electronic signatures, allowing the free flow of electronic signature-related products and services cross borders, and ensuring a basic legal recognition of such facilities. The core aim was to promote the emergence of the internal market for certification products, mainly intending to satisfy various requirements for the proper use and immediate ¿adoption¿ of electronic signature applications related to e-government and personal e-banking services. Thus, a number of technical, procedural, and quality standards for electronic signature products and solutions have been developed, all conforming to the requirements imposed by the EU regulation and the relevant market needs. In the present work, we examine the role of standardization activities for the promotion of several needs of an ¿open¿ European market based on the effective usage of e-signatures, and being able to affect a great variety of technological, business- commercial, regulatory, and other issues.




Electronic signatures, Europe

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AuthorsChochliouros, Ioannis P. (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., Greece Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.)
Publisher:IGI Global
First published / Last update: 2009