International standards desk reference: Your passport to world markets

Written by a principal and co-owner of a consulting firm that does business in the United States and abroad, this convenient guide features information on standards essential to trade partners and export marketers, including ISO 9000, CE Mark, QS-9000, SSM, ISO 14000, Q 9000, and others. In addition to reviewing the historical development of national standards and explaining the U.S. Standards System, this book discusses various standards-setting institutions, certification bodies, registrars, consultants, program qualifications, restrictions, compliance, documentation, and regulations. Despite the title, the placement of appendixes after each chapter limits the book's usefulness for ready-reference purposes. For example, the U.S. Industry-Related Standards Organizations by acronym are grouped separately from international counterparts because national and international organizations are covered in different chapters.




International standards, Standards development, Standards system

Additional information:

AuthorsZuckerman, Amy (American Management Association)
Publisher:AMACOM, American Management Association
First published / Last update: 1996
Courses:Graduate students majoring in standardization, International Standardization or govermental officers in charge of standards development.