Drafting of standards

This book discusses the full range of standards drafting, including the rules and methods for determining standardization subjects, selection of technical elements, structure of the standard text designing as well as other specific elements, for instance, when independently developing standards and adopting international standards.
It begins by describing some of the concepts (such as the standard classification), but also attempts to show how to write different types of standards and then introduces the basic national standards system that supports the work of developing standards. Subsequently, this book discusses the determination of standardization subjects, methods and rules for writing standards and so on. First, the normative elements of standards are discussed, and then informative elements. On this basis, the book further comprehensively presents the expression methods of elements. After describing how to write the standards, the book describes the adoption of international standards. Finally, it details the layout of the standard text.
When elaborating on points of view, this book gives examples of existing standards in order to improve the operability of the contents, so that readers know how to write standards.

Original title: 标准的编写

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Adoption of international standards, Informative elements, Methods and rules for drafting standards, Normative elements, Standard classification, Structure of standards, Subject of standardization

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AuthorsBai, Dianyi, Liu, Shenzhai, Pang, Zhenghu, Zhao, Chaoyi
Publisher:Standards Press of China
First published / Last update: 2009 / 2009
Courses:This book is used to guide the standardization participants, especially new staff members, how to draft standards. This book is for professional standardization training courses.