The logistics' industry core business and performance - Theory and empirical evidence

On the basis of the research by many scholars from China and aboard, this book uses twenty-one listed Chinese logistics companies on the market as its research object, and applies research methods such as comparative analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis, an investigation of standards/specifications and empirical examples. With respect to the practical conditions in China, the book applies theories of various disciplines such as economics, management science, statistics etc. to investigate the impacts of modern logistics in China on five interrelated aspects, such as import and export trade, the core business of enterprises, the dynamic evaluation of their financial performance, the impacts on microeconomic factors and the performance of companies in their core business.

Original title: 物流业核心业务与绩效关系--理论与实证

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China, Logistics, Performance, Theory

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AuthorsZhang, Baoyou
Publisher:China Metrology Press
First published / Last update: 2010
Courses:International Trade, Economics, Finance