Research into international trade frictions and countermeasures

The book contains systematic research into various forms of trade frictions to which China is exposed and into questions on how to counter them. These trade frictions involve anti-dumping, anti-circumvention in anti-dumping, anti-subsidies, safeguard measures and special security measures, technical barriers to trade, the United States "337 survey", etc. The book also studies macro-measures to address trade frictions, the WTO dispute resolution mechanism and cases of disputes, the WTO and China's trade retaliation mechanisms. The study provides evidence that China-foreign trade frictions have evolved from a mere microeconomic level such as company export management models towards macroeconomic aspects based on governmental industry policies, economic systems and development models, from anti-dumping measures resulting from price competition at the center to a parallel implementation of trade relief measures composed of anti-dumping, anti-subsidies, safeguard measures, the "337 survey", technical barriers to trade etc, whereby technical trade barriers related to issues such as product safety and quality assurance, ecology and environmental-friendliness become important forms of trade frictions and trade disputes. The book addresses difficult questions such as the "flawed international rules", which China needs to abide to in order to counteract trade frictions.

Original title: 国际贸易摩擦及应对问题研究

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Anti-subsidies, Antidumping, Countermeasures, Flawed international rules, Friction, Governmental policies, International Trade, WTO

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AuthorsLuan, Xinjie
Publisher:China Renmin University Press
First published / Last update: 2011
Courses:International Trade, Economics, Finance