International technical measures in trade (Chinese-English edition) (teaching materials for economic management at institutions of higher education)

On the basis of the newest regulations issued by the United States, the European Union and other countries, the book analyzes trends in the development of international technical trade measures. It observes closely questions of the evolution of measures in the field of technical barriers to trade (TBT) and health and plant quarantine measures (SPS). It raises from a specific angle the capabilities of students to analyze economic, trade, legal and technology issues and guides them towards engagement in their own creative learning.

Original title: 国际技术性贸易措施 (中英文版) (高等院校经济管理类规划教材)

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International technical trade measures, International trade

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AuthorsLuan, Xinjie
Publisher:Zhejiang University Press
First published / Last update: 2011
Courses:International Trade, Economics, Finance