What standards do I need for my product or service?

Finding all standards that apply for your product or service is not easy. This paper provides a systematic approach for searching these standards. It includes both standards from formal standardization organizations and other standards. Though written from a European perspective, the approach can be used all over the world.

Original title: Welke normen heb ik nodig voor mijn product of dienst?

Original abstract:

Het is niet eenvoudig om alle normen te vinden die relevant zijn voor een product of dienst. Dit rapport beschrijft een systematische manier om al deze normen te vinden, zowel officiële normen als andere. Hoewel een Europese context is verondersteld, is de methode ook elders in de wereld bruikbaar.



Finding standards, Product, Service, Tracing standards

Additional information:

AuthorsDe Vries, Henk J. (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Van der Zwan, Jappe (Netherlands Standardization Institute NEN)
Publisher:Netherlands Standardization Institute, NEN, Delft, The Netherlands
First published / Last update: 2003 / 2008
Courses:The material has been developed in cooperation with industry and teachers from universities of applied science (higher vocational education) in the fields of mechanical engineering, elektrotechnical engineering, construction and management and is intended to be used there. It is fit for all students at academic or higher vocational level who have to learn how to make use of standards when designing a product or service.