Teaching standardization in universities: Lessons learned from trial program

This casebook is the fourth series of 'Education Guidelines' produced with the funding provided for the APEC Strategic Standards and Conformance Education Program.

The objective of this guideline is to provide more practical comments and the lessons learned from trial implementation programs for education programs about standardization in higher education in the APEC region. This casebook can also be used in the senior level of the undergraduate program as well as for professional training of business managers and government officials.

Content Summary
Chapter 1. International Trade and Standardization
Chapter 2. IT Management and Standardization
Chapter 3. Standardization
Chapter 4. Technology Innovation, Intellectual Property Management, and Technology Standards
Chapter 5. Management Strategy for Industrial Systems, with a case study of Standardization
Chapter 6. Strategies of Technology Innovation and Standardization
Chapter 7. Future Society and Standardization
Chapter 8. Research on Instructional Materials for Technology Education: Hands-on activity of Standardization for Secondary School Students
Chapter 9. Special Issues in Conformity Testing and Standardization
Chapter 10. Standardization
Chapter 11. National Infrastructure of Quality and International Trade Business and Innovation Strategies
Chapter 12. Management of Technology and Innovation Strategy: Quality Management and Standardization
Chapter 13. Business and Global Standardization
Chapter 14. Electronic Commerce and Standardization
Chapter 15. 2011 Joint Education Workshop




Teaching standardization, Trial teaching program, University courses

Additional information:

AuthorsSong, Mingshun
Publisher:Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat
First published / Last update: 2011
Courses:International Trade, Economics, Finance