Basic material for education about standards

Basic information about standards, the process for their development, where they can be found and their relation to legislation (+European directives) determinated for use by teachers.

Original title: Základy výuky TN

Original abstract:

Základní informace o normách, normalizaci, tvorbě norem, zákonech na podporu užití norem a kde je možno normy nalézt.



European Directive, New Approach, Standards development, Tracing standards

Additional information:

AuthorsVaclav Voves (Czech Society for Standardization; Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing)
Publisher:Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing
First published / Last update: 2011
Courses:The material is primarily for teachers at university or technical school. They can use it to explain basic knowledge about standards, standardization and using standards.