Website of advisory group "SC4 Implementation Forum" to subcommitttee 4 "Industrial data" of ISO/TC 184 "Automation systems and integration"

This "Implementation Forum" website provides a forum for the community of subcommittee (SC) 4 "Industrial data" of ISO/TC 184 "Automation systems and integration" and users of the standards SC develops. Users can present the business case of their company investments in standards and express their requirements. The SC4 experts thereby get feedback on the usefulness and applicability of the standards they have developed and indications as well as ideas on how to further improve the range of standards they provide.

The objective of the Forum is to:

1 - Provide a forum for the SC4 community and users from different sectors to
a) share implementation experiences and plans
b) discuss possible cross cooperation and support
c) bring collective know how to the users
2 - Provide a gateway between SC4 and users to
a) achieve education & outreach, successes, technology and training
b) advise on effective implementations of standards e.g. through certification schemes




Implementation Forum, SC4 experts, Standards, Users

Additional information:

AuthorsMoreno, Anna (National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development, Italy)
First published / Last update: 2008