Standardisation and innovation

This unit deals with several issues related to standardization and innovation. Chapter 2 discusses how standards hinder and stimulate innovation. Introducing the dynamics of innovation, Chapter 3 explains how dominant design, which is the accepted standard design of the product, is established in the innovation process. Standards are involved throughout the innovation process in areas such as communication, testing and R&D process management. The relevant issues are explored further in Chapter 4. Standards play a significant role in market acceptance of the product. Different types of standards are important for the market acceptance and establishment of a dominant design. A detailed explanation of these standards is given in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 discusses how environmental standards influence innovation and how they can be imposed without hindering innovation. Innovation, intellectual property and standards are interrelated with each other. Understanding this relation is very important and this aspect is discussed in Chapter 7. Concluding remarks are given in Chapter 8.




Compatibility standards, Complementary assets, Complementary products, Copyright, Cross-licensing, Customer interface, Customer interface Sstandards, Dominant design, Environmental regulations, Environmental standards, External standardization, IEEE, IPR - Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation, Intellectual property, Interference standards, Invention, Learning cost, Licence, Licensing - in, Licensing - out, Locked-in, Patent, Quality standards, R & D, Registered design, Resource productivity, Technological trajectory, Trade marks, Vertical integration

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