Rules of the WTO "Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade", case studies and countermeasures

This book introduces in a comprehensive manner the World Trade Organization, its Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and related issues. Starting with the WTO/TBT Agreement, the book analyses how foreign countries have prepared themselves for the entry into the WTO and how they have applied the TBT Agreement to develop their national economies. The trade conflict resolution mechanism of the WTO is introduced with measures that China can follow and use to comply with the TBT Agreement after its entry to the WTO.

Original title: WTO《贸易技术壁垒协议》规则、事件及对策

Original abstract:

本书全面地介绍了世贸组织贸易技术壁垒协议及其相关的内容。从WTO/TBT 协议入手,介绍和分析了国外如何做好加入WTO 的准备工作和利用WTO/TBT 发展本国经济的情况;同时也介绍了WTO 的贸易争端解决机制以及针对我国加入WTO 后如何遵守、利用WTO/TBT 的对策。




Technical barriers, Trade, WTO

Additional information:

AuthorsSong, Mingshun (China Jiliang University)
Publisher:China Metrology Press
First published / Last update: 2002