Basic introduction to standardization

This book is based on the latest hot issues and research achievements. It should be easy to use. The book firstly defines standards and standardization and presents relevant theories and development processes. Then it outlines four parts of China's standardization activities and operating systems: Laws and regulations, management mechanisms, standards setting organizations and research institutions.
After a general description of standards and standardization, the book presents the key working guidelines for standardization, namely, how to write standards and the procedures for the development of standards. Subsequently, it addresses the relations between standards and intellectual property rights, conformity assessment, and international trade relations and the functions of standards in these areas. Finally, the book presents the development of international standardization activities and presents management and operational models, standards systems, strategic policies and participation modes of some of the main international standards bodies.

Original title: 标准化基础知识实用教程

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China, Introduction, Standard, Standardization, TC training

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AuthorsBai, Dianyi (Associate Editor) (China National Institute of Standardization), Li, Tienan (China National Institute of Standardization), Liu, Chunqing (China National Institute of Standardization), Pang, Zhenghu (China National Institute of Standardization), Wang, Yiyi (Associate Editor) (China National Institute of Standardization), Wang, Zhongmin (editor) (China National Institute of Standardization), Zhao, Wenhui (member of an editorial board) (China National Institute of Standardization)
Publisher:Standards Press of China
First published / Last update: 2010
Courses:The book explains profound theories in a simple language. It is already used in the TC members training courses: - standards and intellectual property rights¿ - standards and conformity assessment¿ - the drafting of standards - China national standardization policy - International standardization participation