Oslo manual (2005) 3rd edition

The Oslo Manual is the foremost international source of guidelines for the collection and use of data on innovation activities in industry. This third edition has been updated to take into account progress made in understanding the innovation process, the experience gained from the previous round of innovation surveys, the extension of the field of investigation to other sectors of industry and the latest revisions of international standard classifications.




Innovation, OECD, Oslo Manual

Additional information:

AuthorsTanaka, Nobuo (OECD), Glaude, Michel (Eurostat), Gault, Fred (Statistic Canada)
Publisher:OECD Publishing and Eurostat
Keywords:Innovation, OECD, Oslo Manual
Last update:2005
Additional comments:Malaysian Science And Technology Information Centre (MASTIC) uses Oslo Manual as guidelines for the collection and interpretation of data for its National survey on Innovation in manufacturing and services sector.