Networks of innovators: a longitudinal perspective

This paper investigates how evolutions of complex technologies and networks of innovators affect the development of emerging innovations. Building upon the theories of technological evolution and socio-organizational dynamics, we develop propositions to examine the stability and change of networks punctuated by successive technological changes. We argue that incumbents who are early advocates of standards in complex technological environments are more likely to survive via alliances. Based on 150 firms and 319 alliances in the US data communications industry from 1985 to 1996, we found support for our propositions and the characteristics of central-periphery structure best describe the patterns of industry networks.


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Alliances, Networks, Technological evolution

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AuthorsSoh, Pek-Hooi (NUS Business School, National University of Singapore), Roberts, Edward B. (MIT Sloan School of Management, National Universit of Singapore)
Publisher:Elsevier Science B.V.
Keywords:Alliances, Networks, Technological evolution
Last update:2003