The empirical economics of standards

This study, commissioned by DTI (UK Department of Trade and Industry), is a very important contribution to the analysis of standardization's impact, as it is one of the most recent and comprehensive aiming to quantify the value of standards to the economy. The document presents the results of an investigation of the role and impact of standardization on economic performance, especially on growth, productivity and innovation in the UK. The overall programme consisted of three projects: Benchmark estimates of the impact of public standards upon technological change using UK data; Standards and the international transmission of technology; and Do Standards Enable or Constrain Innovation?


URL (UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)


Economic growth, Economics, Impact of standards, Innovation, Productivity

Additional information:

AuthorsTemple, Paul, Witt, Robert, Spencer, Chris, Blind, Knut, Jungmittag, André, Swann, Peter, G.M.
Publisher:UK Department of Trade and Industry
Keywords:Economic growth, Economics, Impact of standards, Innovation, Productivity
Last update:2005