New type of standard for accessibility, designed to foster the competition and innovation of designers, developers, and project and business management.

This paper describes the many beneficiaries of accessibility to IT, creating a multifaceted business opportunity. Evolution is underway as some organizations and governments develop and adopt accessibility standards and regulations. But organized planning, design and development of technology solutions require improved tactics and strategies. The very recent US Section 508 is a new and novel regulatory marketing strategy in the evolution of standards. This regulatory standard's effectiveness depends upon the 'innovation and divergent thinking' of those directly involved in product design. Designers, developers and their management are most comfortable with an analytical structure based on improved definition and measurement. Research will improve understanding of the human performance requirements of the client audience. Research and standards should continue but certain areas are in need of more immediate focus, e. g. human performance requirements in cognition.




Accessibility, Information technology, Innovation, Standard

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AuthorsAlbernethy, C.N.
Keywords:Accessibility, Information technology, Innovation, Standard
Last update:2002
Additional comments:Behaviour & Information Technology, Vol 21, Issue 3