Cheese innovation: market driven vs. regulatory standards

Sale and consumption of cheese, whether as a table cheese or cheese used as an ingredient is our ultimate goal. What factors drive this consistent and enhanced demand for cheese? Is it price, regulations, market signals, cultural history, or innovation? Price is a huge factor that is difficult, at best, to attack as a researcher. Cultural history could possibly be exploited, as with Hispanic cheeses, but research and innovation possibilities are few. This leaves market signals, regulations, and innovation. Market signals and trends of cheese end-use should directly impact the work of researchers and product developers. Regulations usually do not reflect market demands, consumer interests, or trade issues. Innovation is the key to future growth of the cheese market, and will continue to be the focus of future research and technology development. The remaining question is whether the end-user/buyer will be willing to pay for the improved, innovative performance of these products


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Cheese, Innovation, Price, Regulations

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AuthorsBishop, Rusty (Dairy Industry Association of Australia)
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