Technology transfer and public policy: A review of research and theory

My purpose is to review, synthesize and criticize the voluminous, multidisciplinary literature on technology transfer. To reduce the literature to manageable proportions, I focus chiefly (not exclusively) on recent literature on domestic technology transfer from universities and government laboratories. I begin by examining a set of fundamental conceptual issues, especially the ways in which the analytical ambiguities surrounding technology transfer concepts affect research and theory. My literature review follows and I emphasize technology transfer's impact and effectiveness. I employ a "Contingent Effectiveness Model of Technology Transfer" to organize the literature. As the model's name implies, it assumes that technology effectiveness can take a variety of forms. In addition to examining the more traditional effectiveness criteria- those rooted in market impacts- the model considers a number of alternative effectiveness criteria, including political effectiveness, capacity-building.


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Public policy, Research, Technology transfer, Theory

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AuthorsBozeman, Barry (School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 30332 USA)
Publisher:Elsevier Science B.V.
Keywords:Public policy, Research, Technology transfer, Theory
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