Standardisation of network technologies: Market processes or the result of inter-firm co-operation?

As recent studies on the evolution of a technology indicate, the role of a standard, or dominant design, is highly significant in a number of contemporary industries such as computer, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Following Katz's and Shapiro's pioneering works (1985), our paper rationally evaluates the concepts and results developed over the past ten years in this field. It is grounded on a typology of two types of models: the first is based on users' anticipatory behaviour, and the second, on the collaborative behaviour of existing firms. The article initially discusses the specificity of network technologies, then analyses market standardisation models, and finally, studies the different actors models. Our conclusion builds upon existing works in network technologies. We next propose a research agenda.


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Compatibility, Cooperation, Externalities, Network

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AuthorsQuélin, Bertrand (HEC, Paris, France), Abdessemed, Tamym (Audencia-Nantes School of Management, Nantes, France), Bonardi, Jean-Philippe (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Durand, Rudolphe (EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France)
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Keywords:Compatibility, Cooperation, Externalities, Network
Last update:2001