Life cycle-based service design for innovative business models

A successful service business requires a new life cycle-based approach with a comprehensive view of the real customer's demands. This includes the establishment of innovative business models. These business models cover the fields of planning, finance, ramp up, revamping, take back as well as a guarantee for the availability to supply maintenance and repair. The latter can finally lead to the operation of the machine itself in a performance-contracting model. Business models will also offer an excellent way to develop ecological potentials while fulfilling economical constraints. This was the background for a research project to analyze the machine-oriented service development with the goal of standardization, rationalization, and automation of life cycle-oriented service processes. Therefore, a service configurator was developed for the efficient supply of customer-based services. The configurator will also consider the suppliers of the machine manufacturer. The results were evaluated in an industrial environment with the help of an innovative business model.


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Life cycle management, Maintenance, Service engineering

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AuthorsMeier, H. (Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany), Massberg, W. (Dortmund, Germany)
Publisher:Elsevier Ltd.
Keywords:Life cycle management, Maintenance, Service engineering
Last update:2004